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The Sports ST-35 is the sports edition of the RearViz cyclist mirror kit. Designed for everyday cyclists as well as cycling athletes, the RearViz Sports is lightweight and adjustable, permitting the cyclist to wear comfortably for long cycling trips without the need for constant readjustment. The RearViz Sports is an arm-mounted, fully adjustable rear view cycling mirror unit.

The Sports RearViz cycling mirror has a two-year UV Resistant guarantee. Its weather-resistant, flexible plastic materials allow for comfortability and ease of use when cycling in different conditions. Being mounted on the arm permits the cyclist to engage the widest part of the body, which will allow the most rearward vision and perspectives. The biggest problem cyclists have on the roads is the constant need to turn their head to see what’s behind them. The RearViz sports cycling mirror eliminates this unnecessary and unsafe practice by providing a user-friendly, quality rear view cycling mirror. The RearViz’s large convex mirror and rotatable base provides the cyclist with rewarding peripheral vision so riders can look forward and see behind for oncoming traffic and hazards.

The multipurpose arm band and interchangeable RearViz base allow you to vary from their diverse product range and even adapt to their new Universal Camera Mount. Simply attach your GoPro or other compatible product and enjoy a 360 degree rotating accessory to capture those picture perfect moments.

  • Large convex bike mirror for greater peripheral vision
  • 2 Year UV Resistant
  • Rotates 360° & pivots 180°
  • Flexible plastic materials
  • Interchangeable base allows easy swapping of RearViz Accessories
  • One-size-fits-all RearViz Armband included
  • High quality, perforated armband for enhanced breathability and comfort
  • Compatible with the Universal Camera Mount

Adjustable: The RearViz has been ergonomically designed to suit all arm sizes and positioning with an adjustable armband allowing the rider to acquire a clear rear view from different angles and perspectives.

Lightweight: The exceptionally light weight of the RearViz along with its durability and weather-resistant materials allow for comfort and ease of adaption to any activity.

Adaptable: The RearViz has been designed to adapt to a range of activities and people. The innovative design permits ease of use with the ability to strap to desired arm yet still acquire a 360 degree rotational view.

Practical: Being mounted on the arm permits the user to engage the widest part of the body, which will allow the most rearward vision, having the ability to be used on both arms.

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